About Natasha - Natasha Rigg

I am a Boulder, Colorado-based photographer specializing in family, newborn, senior portraits, and athletes. My interest in photography started by capturing amazing landscapes during geology field trips in the Arizona and Utah wildernesses, and I love exploring the Colorado mountains to this day.

My latest muses are my two daughters, and I've worked hard on portrait photography over the last several years to capture those precious, oh-so-fleeting moments that make up childhood. I enjoy posed shots, but absolutely love lifestyle photography and capturing those whimsical (and oftentimes messy) moments of child's work and play---the beauty in the chaos. 

Recently, I have had the opportunity to attend several Summit Workshops here in Denver and learned lighting techniques and action sports photography. These have been so much fun, and I've been able to incorporate these skills into my photography repertoire, allowing me to capture  fast action sports too.

I get a lot of joy in preserving these memories for my family, and I would be thrilled to capture keepsake photos for your family too!  Please contact me directly for availability and rates at natashariggphotography@gmail.com, or 303.589.2688.

Rare images of me (Mom!) in the photo with my sweet ragamuffins. (Moms, get into the photo!)

Photo Credit: Kristy Murphy Photography at: www.kristymurphy.com

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