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My name is Natasha Rigg and I am a lifestyle and portrait photographer living in Boulder, Colorado.

Have you heard the quote from the Buddha: “Make of yourself a light”? I’ve tried to lead my life by that mantra, and it brings me great happiness to capture the light emanating from those around me. My goal as your photographer is to create beautiful images of your family, to document their growth and all the love surrounding you, and to provide heirloom-quality pieces of art for you to enjoy for years to come.

Why photography you ask? Well, I’ve taken a rather circuitous path to get here, and am happy I’ve finally arrived right here, right now. I’ve had a couple of careers throughout my life – restaurant industry for a decade, and geologist for almost 20 years. Through it all, I’ve always loved taking photos and capturing memories throughout my life. Back in the day, I captured these memories with my handy Kodak point and shoot. In 2009, I purchased my first DSLR and soaked up as much as I could while working as a full-time geologist. In 2016 - 2017, I had the opportunity to attend several intense photography workshops and decided to make my photography business official. And here I am.

Looking back on our family photos, I can clearly see the growth of our two girls - expressions that my children used to make no longer appear, or little mannerisms they do now that have survived since babyhood. These images are priceless to us.

How important is it to you to capture gorgeous images of your life? To document where you are right now? To record the growth of your children, your family, and your friends? I get a lot of joy in preserving these memories for my family, and I would be thrilled to capture keepsake photos for your family too!

Please contact me directly at natasha@heirloomfilmsandphotography.com, or 303.589.2688.

Photo Credit: Kristy Murphy Photography at: www.kristymurphy.com

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