Ollie's Story

Bake A Difference; Fund a Cure

The past couple of years, my family and I have baked cookies for www.Cookies4Cures.com to raise money and awareness into rare childhood diseases. Dana is currently a 4th grader and is the founder of Cookies4Cures - she's doing amazing things and is an inspiration, as she and many in our community "Bake a Difference; Fund a Cure".

This past spring and summer, I had the great honor of helping to tell a story - it's about a friend of ours, a child in my eldest daughter's class, Ollie, who developed PANS after getting a fever when he was 6 years old. It's a small part to play in raising awareness, but it's an important one.  Please share his story (https://vimeo.com/339625016), and if you feel compelled, visit Cookies4Cures and donate to support the Stanford PANS clinic. Thank you!

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