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“All photos capture a moment in time, but the ability to capture the feeling of the moment is rare.  Natasha Rigg does that just that.  She did our family’s maternity and newborn photos as well as my headshots and we are beyond thrilled with the outcomes.  She is professional while being creative and bringing her enthusiasm into the process.  We whole heartedly recommend Natasha for all photography needs.”

-C. Campbell

“Our family photo shoot with Natasha was wonderful! Not only did the pictures turn out beautifully, but she was able to work within the energies of our two kiddos jumping off of rocks, and in and out of shadows in order to capture moments we will treasure forever.”                                                  

-A. Chandler

“Natasha came into our home as one of the first people to meet our newborn daughter.  She was so very experienced and comfortable with handling our baby. She soothed baby easily.  Her imagination in posing our baby was fun to be a part of.  Of course the end result was uncompromising. Excellent photos taken by a consummate  professional with a very high level of technical skill both behind the viewfinder and in post-processing.  We couldn't have been happier!”

-D. Bascue & T. Reed

"I was impressed with Natasha’s ability to soothe our newborn and get her to cooperate in a photo session that lasted over 2 hours! She brought an abundance of adorable props, colorful wraps, hats, and headbands for us to choose from, and she had the professionalism and experience to know which poses would look great. I thoroughly enjoyed the photo session and was blown away by the quality of the photos!"

-L. Savalli

"Natasha delivers pictures that will be cherished for our lifetime. She captured the sweetness and love in our family and new born son. She sees the moments between the poses and captures the candid looks between family members that embodies the love that is shared. I recommend Natasha to anyone looking to capture the moments in life that are important, and want a fresh perspective, genuine emotion from the picture. You won't be disappointed working with Natasha she combines passion, talent and hardworking and delivers professional, unique photography."

-M. Eaton

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